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SpaceCommand – C64 – Multi-Screen Missile Trajectory code —

Since the last post about fixing the missile trajectory code, I had a “Homer” moment when revisiting the code because the multi-player option wasn’t working over the network. Even though each player could launch missiles across the multi-screen environment over the network, my code didn’t support multiple missile launches at the same time yet. When I […]

SpaceCommand – Missiles in Virtual World, 8x screens total —

Another quick update. This shows all 8x screens working in the virtual world now. There was a typo in the network code before and only the first 5x screens would receive packets. This is fixed. As you can see at the end I still have to turn on the wrap around code, just as in […]

Hello world! —

[Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!] Yes – I finally made it to the “official” world of blogging. I made a brief attempt using my google acct to start blogging, http://ragoomanhack.blogspot.com/ and http://pghrobotics.blogspot.com/ But something was just missing from that. Maybe because it wasn’t yet on […]