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DASM cross-assembler uploaded —

I uploaded the DASM ver 2.20.10 cross-assembler. I find this to be a favorite for 6502 assembly. Even though it supports other microprocessors as well, such as the 6507, 68705, 6803, HD6303(extension of the 6803) and the 68HC11. You can find it here enjoy !!

AS68, a decent Motorola 6800 cross-assembler —

The 6800 processor is the first by Motorola(read about the real first 6800) and it organizes instructions and data using Big-Endian mode (Hi-Byte first) – as opposed to all Intel style processors, which organizes instructions and data in Little-Endian mode (Lo-Byte first). Below is a short write up on what happens if you use TASM to […]

Datasheets – uploaded my datasheets, some common & hard to find —

I uploaded my datasheets online to my website here. There are many common ones here which I like to mirror. There are also some hard to find datasheets on here too – as far as vintage components. They are all sorted by category. I plan to add some more which are sorted by vendor as […]

Workshop: Build Your Own Transistor Logic Circuit @ VCF East 7.0 – Manual —

I posted the manual for the Transistor Logic workshop which I will be running at VCF East 7.0. There will be paper copies available at the workshop for you to make any notes during that time. This manual is only a first rev. There will be some tweaks and kinks to iron out. Any constructive […]

PDP-8 Clone: Making the Card rack and backplane —

In here I outline the steps I used to make a homebrew card rack and backplane for my new project, PDP-8 clone (with Transistors). Below you see a series of pics which shows you the various pieces I cut from stock aluminum beams I purchased at Home Depot. Each of the pics have links to […]

PDP-8 Clone: Card Rack & Backplane —

I started building the card rack which will hold the backplane and circuit cards for the PDP-8 clone. This the first shelf,among several, that will hold the Registers and Accumulator. I used ordinary aluminum beans from Home Depot and made a sketch of what I needed (orange paper). the tolerances are not extremely exact, as […]

Workshop: Build Your Own Transistor Logic Circuit @ VCF East 7.0 —

This year at the Vintage Computer Festival East, I’m running a workshop about building transistor logic circuits. There was a call for workshops this as we were kinda empty in this dept, so I thought it might be interesting to offer this. I grew up first learning about computers using transistors in the early 70s […]

PDP-8 clone – using Transistors —

As a result of running the Build Your Own Transistor Logic Circuit workshop for VCF East 7.0, I’m stumbled upon another project that will definitely consume more time which I’m usually running out of [uh oh – ending a sentence with a preposition again]. But this one project is mostly out of desire than necessity. […]