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Added a new Media page —

I added a new media page to keep track of the photos, videos and t-shirts that I make while at different events [Media link]

SpaceCommand – Multi-Screen feature added —

This is a new update [best viewed in 1080p] Hello, I promised some of you that I would give an update about this network game. The player screens are small cause the screenshot video extends over 2 monitors. I’ll have to make another video nex time with my tablet so I can zoom in closer. […]

SpaceCommand – 8 player connection – C64 Multiplayer Network Gaming, cont’d… —

been a long while for an update, Trying to get this project ready in time for the next event. So busy with updating the game code to add network support for 8 player. Here’s a screenshot of the latest[click below]. I have 9x instances of VICE running here, This shows all 8 players connecting to the […]

A Great Time at Vintage Computer Festival East 7.0 —

Tales from the Highway to Hex Adventure VCF EAST 7.0 or RUST !! This is only my third time at VCF East, mainly because I’ve been living too far , several states away, or working overseas and many family commitments. This belongs to a group, Vintage.org,  which holds events all around the country. This particular […]

Workshop: Build Your Own Transistor Logic Circuit @ VCF East 7.0 – Manual —

I posted the manual for the Transistor Logic workshop which I will be running at VCF East 7.0. There will be paper copies available at the workshop for you to make any notes during that time. This manual is only a first rev. There will be some tweaks and kinks to iron out. Any constructive […]

Workshop: Build Your Own Transistor Logic Circuit @ VCF East 7.0 —

This year at the Vintage Computer Festival East, I’m running a workshop about building transistor logic circuits. There was a call for workshops this as we were kinda empty in this dept, so I thought it might be interesting to offer this. I grew up first learning about computers using transistors in the early 70s […]

VCF East 7.0 or RUST !! —

In a few weeks, another edition of the Vintage Computer Festival East will be upon us. This is VCF East 7.0, the 7th annual event where you can see various exhibits about the history of computing that we, our parents and even grandparents grew up with – and you get to try them out ! […]