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Added a new Media page —

I added a new media page to keep track of the photos, videos and t-shirts that I make while at different events [Media link]

Workshop: Build Your Own Transistor Logic Circuit @ VCF East 7.0 – Manual —

I posted the manual for the Transistor Logic workshop which I will be running at VCF East 7.0. There will be paper copies available at the workshop for you to make any notes during that time. This manual is only a first rev. There will be some tweaks and kinks to iron out. Any constructive […]

PDP-8 Clone: Card Rack & Backplane —

I started building the card rack which will hold the backplane and circuit cards for the PDP-8 clone. This the first shelf,among several, that will hold the Registers and Accumulator. I used ordinary aluminum beans from Home Depot and made a sketch of what I needed (orange paper). the tolerances are not extremely exact, as […]

Workshop: Build Your Own Transistor Logic Circuit @ VCF East 7.0 —

This year at the Vintage Computer Festival East, I’m running a workshop about building transistor logic circuits. There was a call for workshops this as we were kinda empty in this dept, so I thought it might be interesting to offer this. I grew up first learning about computers using transistors in the early 70s […]