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SpaceCommand – Wrap Around Missiles, Virtual World, 8x screens Wide —

Another quick update. The one glitch is fixed allowing the missile to fly around the entire virtual world in either direction now. There’s enough power in the missile parameter to let you launch a missile and fly across 8 screens and land back on your screen. You might get dizzy looking at the video as […]

SpaceCommand Update – linked sprite damage and explosion animation to the virtual world —

Here’s another update. I linked the sprite damage code and the explosion animation code together in the virtual world. So now whichever city your missile will hit on any of the player screens, the damage is shown for that city. This is done by coordinating between the missile code from the player’s attacker screen and […]

SpaceCommand – Multi-Screen feature added —

This is a new update [best viewed in 1080p] Hello, I promised some of you that I would give an update about this network game. The player screens are small cause the screenshot video extends over 2 monitors. I’ll have to make another video nex time with my tablet so I can zoom in closer. […]

SpaceCommand – code rewrite – Screenshot with 8 players connected – C64 Multiplayer Network Gaming, cont’d… —

It’s been along time since posting on here. This game has gone thru a complete rewrite of the code since last year. I took a cue from Leif’s 2nd network game made on the C64, NetRacer, after his 1st C64 network game Artillery Duel.  Also, I made it so it runs with a C64 Server […]

SpaceCommand – first look screenshot – C64 Multiplayer Network Gaming, cont’d… —

Here’s a first look at a screenshot of Space Command with 8 players connected to the C64 server. The game screen shows the command center in the middle with the cities beside it, with 3 on the left and another 3 on the right. similar to the ol’ arcade game from 1980, Missile Command. But […]

SpaceCommand – C64 Multiplayer Network Gaming, cont’d… —

Tonight, I managed to get a test program running to check the functionality of the Multicolor Character mode. Using the export files from CharPad where I created the background screen, I was able to get the program to load these files properly and display the background screen perfectly. It took some extra work to finally convert […]

SpaceCommand – C64 Multiplayer Network Gaming, cont’d… —

While changing direction with the graphics mode options, – hopefully for the last time – I’m using the CharPad tool now together with the Timanthes tool to organize the background screen using Multicolor Character graphics mode. One of the things I found out this past week is that the Timanthes tool doesn’t properly convert that […]

MPS3704 status —

A friend of mine from the Apple I Mimeo website, Mike Willegal,  alerted us that a specific transistor may be in short supply. The normal production and stocking of MPS3704 seems to have stopped with major distributers. I showed Mike there are some suppliers out there which stock this part. however, the future availability of […]

DASM cross-assembler uploaded —

I uploaded the DASM ver 2.20.10 cross-assembler. I find this to be a favorite for 6502 assembly. Even though it supports other microprocessors as well, such as the 6507, 68705, 6803, HD6303(extension of the 6803) and the 68HC11. You can find it here enjoy !!

AS68, a decent Motorola 6800 cross-assembler —

The 6800 processor is the first by Motorola(read about the real first 6800) and it organizes instructions and data using Big-Endian mode (Hi-Byte first) – as opposed to all Intel style processors, which organizes instructions and data in Little-Endian mode (Lo-Byte first). Below is a short write up on what happens if you use TASM to […]