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Workshop: Build Your Own Transistor Logic Circuit @ VCF East 7.0 —

This year at the Vintage Computer Festival East, I’m running a workshop about building transistor logic circuits. There was a call for workshops this as we were kinda empty in this dept, so I thought it might be interesting to offer this. I grew up first learning about computers using transistors in the early 70s […]

PDP-8 clone – using Transistors —

As a result of running the Build Your Own Transistor Logic Circuit workshop for VCF East 7.0, I’m stumbled upon another project that will definitely consume more time which I’m usually running out of [uh oh – ending a sentence with a preposition again]. But this one project is mostly out of desire than necessity. […]

VCF East 7.0 or RUST !! —

In a few weeks, another edition of the Vintage Computer Festival East will be upon us. This is VCF East 7.0, the 7th annual event where you can see various exhibits about the history of computing that we, our parents and even grandparents grew up with – and you get to try them out ! […]

Hello world! —

[Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!] Yes – I finally made it to the “official” world of blogging. I made a brief attempt using my google acct to start blogging, http://ragoomanhack.blogspot.com/ and http://pghrobotics.blogspot.com/ But something was just missing from that. Maybe because it wasn’t yet on […]