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A Great Time at Vintage Computer Festival East 7.0 —

Tales from the Highway to Hex Adventure VCF EAST 7.0 or RUST !! This is only my third time at VCF East, mainly because I’ve been living too far , several states away, or working overseas and many family commitments. This belongs to a group, Vintage.org,  which holds events all around the country. This particular […]

Workshop: Build Your Own Transistor Logic Circuit @ VCF East 7.0 – Manual —

I posted the manual for the Transistor Logic workshop which I will be running at VCF East 7.0. There will be paper copies available at the workshop for you to make any notes during that time. This manual is only a first rev. There will be some tweaks and kinks to iron out. Any constructive […]

PDP-8 Clone: Making the Card rack and backplane —

In here I outline the steps I used to make a homebrew card rack and backplane for my new project, PDP-8 clone (with Transistors). Below you see a series of pics which shows you the various pieces I cut from stock aluminum beams I purchased at Home Depot. Each of the pics have links to […]

Pinball: Making custom Bakelite Links for the flippers —

Some of the later digital pinball games from the 70s/early 80s still used bakelite links for their flipper assembly. Such as the Black Knight from Williams. Just as the early electro-mechanical pinball games. I made as set of flipper links from an old piece of bakelite material(shown in the above pic) that was scrapped from […]

PDP-8 Clone: Card Rack & Backplane —

I started building the card rack which will hold the backplane and circuit cards for the PDP-8 clone. This the first shelf,among several, that will hold the Registers and Accumulator. I used ordinary aluminum beans from Home Depot and made a sketch of what I needed (orange paper). the tolerances are not extremely exact, as […]