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SpaceCommand – C64 Multiplayer Network Gaming, cont’d….. —

good news, continued from before After organizing the *.d64 images for each instance of VICE running here, I managed to get 4 players to connect to the Server. There was one small moment of a gltich where player#2 didn’t connect completely. So I restarted everything and tried again. I suppose this is one of the […]

SpaceCommand – C64 Multiplayer Network Gaming, cont’d… —

continued from before Something I noticed just now. Even though I could get several instances of VICE to run on my PC using the same *.d64 file, it must have been using the same ‘ipconfig’ file from that image. Even though I would run ‘Configure’ in the beginning for each instance of VICE, the ipconfig […]

SpaceCommand – C64 Multiplayer Network Gaming, cont’d —

continued from before I’m starting to notice that glitch more often now. I have 4x instances of VICE running on the same PC. I wasn’t sure what was going wrong for a while. But then I saw the Server mysteriously connect with one of the Players as soon I started the Server. And that one […]

SpaceCommand – C64 Multiplayer Network Gaming —

new update: I’ve been making progress on the multiplayer Artillery Duel. I’ve been discussing with Leif Bloomquist(Schema) for quite some time about his C64 network game, Artillery Duel, which he made several years ago. This happens to be the first C64 Network Game. I’m working with Jeff Brace(Arkaxow) in getting a multiplayer version running. We’re […]

Free eBooks !! —

I just came across a really good website with free eBooks. The following links have ebooks in various categories. From old school to new, there’s various ebooks that might interest you there.  Shall I say DOWNLOAD !! 1.Linux  http://www.efytimes.com/e1/fullnews.asp?edid=116902 http://www.efytimes.com/e1/fullnews.asp?edid=117117 2.Assembly http://www.efytimes.com/e1/fullnews.asp?edid=117964 3.C  http://www.efytimes.com/e1/fullnews.asp?edid=117539 4.C++ http://www.efytimes.com/e1/fullnews.asp?edid=117660 5.C# http://www.efytimes.com/e1/fullnews.asp?edid=117598 6.Java http://www.efytimes.com/e1/fullnews.asp?edid=117834 7.Python http://www.efytimes.com/e1/fullnews.asp?edid=117094 8.Perl http://efytimes.com/e1/fullnews.asp?edid=117324 9.Ruby […]