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Archive for April, 2016

Added a new Media page —

I added a new media page to keep track of the photos, videos and t-shirts that I make while at different events [Media link]

SpaceCommand – Multi-Screen feature added —

This is a new update [best viewed in 1080p] Hello, I promised some of you that I would give an update about this network game. The player screens are small cause the screenshot video extends over 2 monitors. I’ll have to make another video nex time with my tablet so I can zoom in closer. […]

SpaceCommand – new updates coming soon —

Just wanted to say that new updates are coming soon I’ve been really busy the past year working on this new game The game is about 90% complete. The network code was the biggest chunk of work, with some big bumps along the way It’s now running smoothly, with a more compact UDP communication scheme, eg. […]