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Archive for May, 2016

SpaceCommand – Wrap Around Missiles, Virtual World, 8x screens Wide —

Another quick update. The one glitch is fixed allowing the missile to fly around the entire virtual world in either direction now. There’s enough power in the missile parameter to let you launch a missile and fly across 8 screens and land back on your screen. You might get dizzy looking at the video as […]

SpaceCommand – Missiles in Virtual World, 8x screens total —

Another quick update. This shows all 8x screens working in the virtual world now. There was a typo in the network code before and only the first 5x screens would receive packets. This is fixed. As you can see at the end I still have to turn on the wrap around code, just as in […]

SpaceCommand Update – linked sprite damage and explosion animation to the virtual world —

Here’s another update. I linked the sprite damage code and the explosion animation code together in the virtual world. So now whichever city your missile will hit on any of the player screens, the damage is shown for that city. This is done by coordinating between the missile code from the player’s attacker screen and […]