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SpaceCommand – C64 – Multi-Screen Missile Trajectory code —

Since the last post about fixing the missile trajectory code, I had a “Homer” moment when revisiting the code because the multi-player option wasn’t working over the network. Even though each player could launch missiles across the multi-screen environment over the network, my code didn’t support multiple missile launches at the same time yet. When I read my embedded comments within the code, I noticed that I never added that code in here yet. What I had in there was just enough to get it working and that’s it :)

So this is going to need some new missile trajectory code. And it has to fit in a single task within the Raster Interrupt Scheduler. The Raster Interrupt Scheduler is 1/60th second and only a few tasks can fit in one time slot without exceeding the CPU cycles. And I have to support Sprite Multi-tasking for 8 missiles on one screen. While using the network update packets from each player to keep track of their coordinates for any missile launches. Whenever multiple missiles appear on the same screen for any player, the Sprite Multi-tasking code has to display them with minimal flicker. 
So back to the drawing board !! 


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