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SpaceCommand – first look screenshot – C64 Multiplayer Network Gaming, cont’d… —

Here’s a first look at a screenshot of Space Command with 8 players connected to the C64 server. The game screen shows the command center in the middle with the cities beside it, with 3 on the left and another 3 on the right. similar to the ol’ arcade game from 1980, Missile Command. But now with multiplayer networking.  This is still shown running a simulation for 9x C64 computers on my desktop. Each screen will be a separate C64 computer that each player will control. With the 9th being the C64 Server which manages the multiplayer networking.

The screen is in Multi-Color Char mode, and so I haven’t the optimum choice in colors at this point – versus Multi-color Bitmap Mode, but this consumes more memory. This is something to work on later once all the kinks are worked out of the game. Jeff Brace <Arkaxow72> helped work on the additional sprites and sound effects, So we will have sprites showing the damage, explosions, even a Mushroom cloud from a Nuke strike. And the sound effects will include things such as Red alert sirens when a missile is inbound, missile launch, and a cruising missile. There will be more sprites that will get added for gameplay. I plan to add the additional support for the players to take turns at the controls.

Getting to this point was an arduous process. With getting acquainted with the TCP/IP network code running on a 6502 CPU from 35yrs ago. And also getting the game code to fit together in only 64KB of memory. Now I have to make sure the missile they will launch can fly across all 8 computer screens without getting lost. And hope the radar screen in there helps to keep them on track too.

stay tuned :)

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