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Pinball: Making custom Bakelite Links for the flippers —


Some of the later digital pinball games from the 70s/early 80s still used bakelite links for their flipper assembly. Such as the Black Knight from Williams. Just as the early electro-mechanical pinball games.

I made as set of flipper links from an old piece of bakelite material(shown in the above pic) that was scrapped from an EM pinball game. The Black Knight has 4 flippers on there. There’s the first pair where you typically look on the playfield and then there’sanother pair on the upperdeck of the playfield.

I take the old piece and use it as an outline to scribe on the fresh piece of bakelite material.  The I just take a hacksaw to cut a block around the pattern. I use the benchtop grinder to take off the excess down to the outline. I use a hobby xacto knife to clean off the burrs.


Then it’s time to make the holes for the link pins. You have to make sure that your drill bit is sharp. And you have to keep the pressure on the drill somewhat light, just enough to cut but don’t force it too much were it bulges on the other side.

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