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SpaceCommand – Wrap Around Missiles, Virtual World, 8x screens Wide —

Another quick update.

The one glitch is fixed allowing the missile to fly around the entire virtual world in either direction now. There’s enough power in the missile parameter to let you launch a missile and fly across 8 screens and land back on your screen. You might get dizzy looking at the video as I had to scroll the video recorder quickly from one edge of the virtual world to the other across the 8x screens. This way you can see the missile can fly continuously without any hiccups.

There is one minor glitch which seems to be random. I can’t seem to reproduce this glitch on demand. This one involves the collision detection. The missile sprite is shared with the explosion animation. So once a collision is detected, the code switches into the explosion animation. However, near the end of the video @2:20 there is a little hiccup. Once the collision is detected, the code is supposed to retain the current x/y coords to allow the explosion animation to center on the collision and begin. For a brief moment, The x/y coords for the missile are shifted upwards several pixels prior to the explosion animation. I’m not sure yet why this happens.

Several of the options coming next in the code include adding an offset to the power for the missile parameters. This allows you to avoid hitting your own cities if you attempt to launch a missile with a very low power input.

Another option is to shuffle the Missile sprite to make this sprite priority higher than the city sprites. As the Sprite-to-Sprite priority levels are fixed in the C64. Sprite# 1 is always higher than Sprite# 7. And the missile/explosion is share on Sprite# 7. This way the explosion animation will stay in front of the city letting you see the complete effect.

There’s one more option regarding the explosion animation. There will be different explosion animation for each direction of the missile. One for the left direction and right direction. So the animation will show the debris from the damage fly off in the same direction as the missile hits the city.

After this, I will start work on adding 8x missiles to fly in the virtual world. This may take some time before I add the next post.

This shows all 8x screens working in the virtual world now. There was a typo in the network code before and only the first 5x screens would receive packets. This is fixed. As you can see at the end I still have to turn on the wrap around code, just as in Asteroids. I left it disabled for now.

I linked the sprite damage code and the explosion animation code together in the virtual world. So now whichever city your missile will hit on any of the player screens, the damage is shown for that city. This is done by coordinating between the missile code from the player’s attacker screen and the collision code on the player’s target screen over the network.

And this is shown by changing the city sprite with a sprite having the incremental structural damage of the city building. There are 4 levels of structural damage for the cities. This is not counting the beginning sprite which has no structural damage. The same applies to any damage for the Command Center.

Also the explosion animation code is coordinated together with the collision code via the network. So now the explosion animation will run on any player’s screen in the virtual world.
At the moment there is no soundfx for the explosion. Please excuse the sound quality, the free version of Screencast doesn’t let me use the built-in soundcard – only the mic.

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